David Horgan


BSc(Hons) in theoretical physics, MSc in Astrophysics, MA in management, Doctorate inPhysics.

Institutional memberships

Wikiversity  – School of Physics and Astronomy

Institute of physics – gravitational physics group

Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society


7 thoughts on “David Horgan”

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for your interest in this work. This Blog basically records the literature review and prelimary thoughts, programs and calculations which I have done on the Quantum Tetrahedron. The initail intested was spurred by several sources. An easy entrance to these might be some of Lee Smolin’s popular work:


      If you have access to Facebook and like quantum gravity and discussing it and trying to keep up-to-date with it (~almost impossible I know) you may like this specialised group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/quantumtetrahedron/

  1. Thank you for the pathway forward. I’m not really an independent researcher, however I have been following some individuals, and it looks as though there may be a meeting of the minds, however I’m not certain of all the implications at this point. I think you may find Tetryonics something of interest to you.


    Thank you for your time and consideration, as the truth is here and we’re all trying to find out how our piece fits into the overall puzzle…

  2. David, such fascinating work. I wanted to send a couple lattice images. What email should I use for a jpg?


    Jonathan Leaf

  3. Hello David,

    about the geometry of the tetrahedron I came to the point that a circle (field/Wave) is the same as a tetrahedron (Information representation)
    The point is that you have a single point with a distance d where all other (possible) points have the same distance. That applies to a circle and a tetrahedron geometrically identical.
    As long as no one is watching everything is a circle. As soon as you look, it colappses to “it’s current” tetrahedron.
    Looking means measuring, but that of course you know..

    I hope I gave you some new ideas.


  4. Hi David, Is it possible that the fundamental unit of spacetime structure is a 1.3 dihedron (double tetrahedron), with one future pointing apex, one past pointing apex and the shared face in the present?
    When arranged in layers, with alternative past and future pointing apices, these sub units could produce a highly stable ”double spacetime fabric”, with equal amounts of spacetime and anti-spacetime. These two components would never interact, unless forced to by blackhole event horizons or high energy physicists, resulting in the generation of particle/antiparticle pairs, that quickly annihilate each other!
    Any thoughts-John

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